The Thought Field Therapy® Boot Camp ONLINE – Now Available With French Translation

The Easiest Way To Learn Custom Tapping Sequences
and Help Others Using Thought Field Therapy®

Although the Live TFT training is the fastest way to get certification at both the algorithm and diagnostic levels of TFT, not everyone can make the trip to a live event…

Many around the world do not have a live event in their country or region yet still wish to learn this advanced level of TFT. This level, TFT diagnosis, is the original source of all of the tapping algorithms being used around the world. They all began with this process.

In this online course, you’ll learn to address complex issues that require a custom tapping sequence or how to identify toxins and neutralize, or even eliminate the side-effects of medications which can only be done with the causal diagnostic process. Increase your level of success with tapping.

The online course provides all of the Boot Camp training at the pace you decide.

The TFT Boot Camp ONLINE Course Includes:

  • Training manual (includes TFT Glossary and References)
  • Four video s in French
  • Downloadable – Evidence & Observations, Cheat Sheets, Charts
  • Class workbook with powerpoint slides.
  • TFT Client Success Handbook
  • Voltmeter & Psychological Reversal book
  • Algorithm chart

A $397.00 Value